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We're a LadyStartup based on Sydney's Northern Beaches with a passion for flowers, environment & people.   

Two Blooms owner & creative director, Lis, has been delivering stunning wedding and event florals for over 10 years.  

Now through Two Blooms,  she's helping couples & corporates to meet their sustainability goals without compromising on floral effect.   

Sustainable, Earth-friendly floristry

We've joined the #foamfreefloristry movement, and we're saying no  to single-use plastics.  We teach sustainable floristry methods in our workshops, and enjoy sharing how we achieve the most beautiful effect without all of the traditional micro-plastic nasties that cause harm to our environment.   Read more about why we're foam-free, below. 

Everything we do and use is sourced thoughtfully, and reused or re-purposed where possible.  We're constantly looking for ways to do better, and choose home-grown over imported blooms wherever we can to support local Aussie growers and reduce our footprint. 

A Second Bloom

We absolutely love using flowers to celebrate.  But there are two moments that stand out for us.  THe first, when we see our days of hard work come together to deliver the vision.  Then the heartbreaking moment we see it all thrown away.   So we've come up with a way to ensure your blooms will be enjoyed until they're good and ready to go, and give them the honeymoon they deserve! 

Sharing the Love

When you engage Two Blooms for your floral celebration, you'll not only love the result for your special day, but you'll be giving to a good cause.   We will remove your blooms the next day and re-purpose them into special little bunches, that we give to nursing homes, hospitals and others experiencing illness or loss. 

Floral foam facts, and why we're #foamfree

 Floral foam has been the base medium of choice for florists all over the world since its invention in the 1950s.  A 2019 study by RMIT showed that floral foam microplastics also leach chemicals into the  water used in the process, and these were more toxic to aquatic invertebrates than other plastic families.   

With each floral foam block bearing the equivalent in plastic weight to around 10 plastic bags,  we're saving as much as the equivalent of 50-100 plastic bags from landfill and ocean pollution per event.  


- Rita Feldmann, Founder of the Sustainable Floristry Network

Find out more here, and if you're into the science, here,   

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